Handy Necklace Guide

Whether you are buying a necklace for a gift, or for yourself, it's good to be familiar with the different style and lengths that are out there! Here's a list of the basic lengths that are out there! Some pieces may fall differently, depending if you have a large or small frame, so keep that in mind! 

  • Collar: 13-14 inches-wraps around the neck tightly

  • Choker :will typically vary from 14 - 16 inches. These are made to sit high and close to the neck.

  • Princess cut :  16 to 18 inches long. This usually lays between the lower neck and bust line.

  • A Matinée” strand is 20 to 24 inches long and sits at the bust line. This is about twice the length of a choker.

  • Opera:  is about 28 to 32 inches long. This sits around the breastbone area. Some people may use this length to wrap around twice, making it look like a double choker style necklace.

  • Anything between 30 inches to 32 inches(or longer) is a “rope” or "lariat" necklace. Many people will take pearl strands of this length and create a larger look with this one strand.


1. " Are all your pieces really hand made?"

YES--all our pieces are hand made, no outsourcing, no third party. Because there is no machinery involved, our pieces may take a few extra days to create--please keep this in mind when ordering to allow ample time if you need your jewelry for a special occasion/gift. We take pride in quick turn around time. If there are any issues or delays we immediately contact you. If you are not completely satisfied with the time frame, we will offer a full refund

2. "Do you do offer custom colors or make custom pieces?"

We do offer an option of different colors for certain pieces in our collection, as listed in the checkout page, but unfortunately we do not do custom pieces at this time.

3.  "Where do you get your crystals?"

We buy all our crystals and other jewelry components from reputable vendors. All our crystals come from affiliated vendors of SWAROVSKI© and directly from SWAROVSKI© shop. All crystals are made in Austria.

**UPDATE** SWAROVSKI© is discontinuing their DYI line and we are currently making the transition to PRECIOSA© crystals that are made in the Czech Republic

4.  "I have allergies to certain metals, do you offer options?"

We do! All our pieces are created with Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel or Gunmetal--all that are nickel-free, and hypoallergenic. If there is no option listed for Stainless Steel or hypoallergenic components, send us a note with your order and we will happily full-fill your order.

5. "My clasp broke, can I get it fixed?"

Yes, of course. As listed in our terms and conditions, if your piece needs to be fixed, email us and send us back the piece and we will fix at no extra charge.

For Further inquiries or issues, please contact us at sweetcharm@sweetcharmelegace.com